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Performance Outreach Program & Enrichment Activities

Our Performance Outreach Program offers students the invaluable opportunity to travel, perform, audition, and attend live shows. Through these experiences, participants not only refine their skills but also gain exposure to the wider world of dance. Additionally, our Enrichment Activities provide supplementary learning and growth opportunities, further enhancing their artistic journey.

Dance-Abilities Program

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of dance. Our Dance-abilities Program is tailored for youth and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Through adaptive techniques and specialized instruction, we provide a safe and inclusive space for these extraordinary individuals to express themselves, build strength, and develop lifelong skills.

Dance Attire Program

We understand that access to proper dance attire can be a barrier for many. Our Dance Attire Program addresses this challenge by providing students with the attire they need, completely free of charge. By supporting this program, you're ensuring that every student, regardless of financial circumstances, can fully engage in their dance education.

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