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Dance Classes & After School Partners

Practice Makes Perfect

We are the most diverse dance school in Orange County. We provide after school dance lessons in Santa Ana and partner with school districts, organizations, and corporations to promote creative arts and social-emotional learning through the arts.

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Dance Arts Academy is the brainchild of Sakina Ibrahim, an esteemed Artist, Author, and Social Entrepreneur. With over a decade of research and fieldwork dedicated to dance and youth empowerment, Sakina traveled extensively throughout the African/Latin diaspora, exploring how dance can empower and transform individuals. Supported by the Medici Foundation, this valuable experience helped shape her teaching philosophy and approach, rooted in culture, creativity, and Afro-centered values that transcend race, gender, and class.

At Dance Arts Academy, we create a nurturing environment where individuals can truly discover themselves and envision who they want to become in this world. Through partnerships with schools, families, and corporations, we collectively strive to overcome the limitations our students may face, instilling resilience, showmanship, discipline, and strong values. Our programs go beyond dance instruction, empowering students to overcome challenges and thrive in all areas of life.

Join us at Dance Arts Academy, the leading diverse dance school in Orange County, and experience the profound impact of dance on personal growth, self-expression, and empowerment.


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More Than 10 Dance Programs


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Vision & Philosophy 

Mission: To provide accessible, high quality dance education to young individuals who otherwise may not have the means to pursue their passion for dance.

Vision: To inspire, empower, and uplift communities through the power of artistic learning and cultural celebration.

Pedagogical Philosophy: We create a sense of personal pride through teaching from a historical and cultural perspective rooted in Afro and Latin traditions. Uplifting the narrative of the art as an aspect of archiving and expressing the human experience. Our core values are expressed through these words of affirmation: "Peace, Love, Respect, and Unity for all people.” - Chuck Davis

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Providing Arts Education and Creative Development

“ The arts have the power to transform and direct our lives towards greatness. By creating from the spirit, we learn to embrace ourselves, be disciplined about our goals, and be compassionate towards others in order to create a more peaceful and just society. ” - Sakina Ibrahim 

Inspiring, empowering, and uplifting through the power of arts.


  • Socialize & Make New Friends

  • Build Confidence

  • Learn and Improve Your Dance Moves

  • Kick Start Your Dancing Career



  • All Skill Levels Welcome

  • Have Fun While Exercising

  • Improves Social Emotional Learning

  • We Have The Best Instructors

  • 1 Session Per Week

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